Matrix blue -  3 layer Muslin cotton mask with filter pocket

Matrix blue - 3 layer Muslin cotton mask with filter pocket

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Matrix mask,made from 3 layers of cotton muslin for superior comfort at a great price point and includes a pocket for adding a filter if necessary. Muslin is one of the purest and most gentle fabrics in the world. Breathable, and allows for optimal airflow and circulation, reduces the risk of overheating . Our Muslin is made from 100% natural cotton and contains no toxic chemicals, can block small particles and has the best results for the water-permeability test. Soft and gentle on sensitive skin, comfortable, light weight, with an inner pocket sewn inside for use a filter or other additional barrier. Metal nose pin inside for comfortable fit, to seal around the face. It is durable, fast drying and hand washable up to 100 times without damaging fabric.
In order to solve the SHORTAGE of single-use masks and SAVE them for our incredible medical staff and necessary citizens; we SUPPORT our dear designer in Thailand who makes our wonderful leggings, ladies wear tops and tank tops- She has converted her factory from clothing to masks, to keep her staff employed, to HELP society and provide Incredible quality masks. 

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